Thank You for Choosing a City Council to Work for Everyone

We look forward to working for you!

What Democracy Direct White Rock Stand For

Democracy Direct-White Rock strongly believes that our City Hall should listen to the needs, hopes, and concerns of the residents of White Rock. We believe that everyone should have a voice and be heard.

We stand for government transparency, the restoration of question period, and ending closed ‘in-camera’ meetings whenever council is legally able.

We believe that the Official Community Plan (OCP) needs to be reviewed with the public, and then adhered to. Democracy Direct-White Rock is in favour of development, but we believe that development should build upon the character and charm of White Rock, not replace it. The needs of all our residents must also always be listened to, including seniors on fixed incomes, renters, young families, and everyone in between.

Why Support Us?

We are a grassroots organization that has come together to voice our concerns over the direction that the current City Council has set.

Our candidates are all residents of White Rock and share a deep love for our city. They come from a wide variety of backgrounds, professions, and political beliefs and are truly representative of the community at large. While we may share similar concerns, our candidates believe that democracy, debate, and free discussion must always come first.
While the current majority on council spent nearly $100,000 during the last election, Democracy Direct is entirely funded by the candidates themselves and small donations from concerned members and residents. We have received zero funding from developers or other special interests.

Our vision for the city encompasses the needs and desires of all stakeholders. It incorporates thoughtful, community-oriented development accompanied by infrastructure improvement, a transparent City Hall that listens, protection of the environment, sound fiscal management, and strong support for local business. Our vision is for a White Rock that works for everyone.